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“Through Qianlong we can see the most excellent part of China’s history.” Said Ding Meng, the deputy director of the Palace Museum in Beijing, translated for the large audience by Chin Communications’ Mandarin Translator Charles Qin.

Some of you will, no doubt, identify with visits to overseas museums where enjoyment was limited by a lack of English narrative. Thankfully, many Australian institutions are now welcoming foreign guests with content in other languages. Chin has worked with a number of them on general collections and special exhibitions in a number of languages.

The National Gallery of Victoria’s “A Golden Age of China” – was a blockbuster in 2015. As Director Tony Ellwood said it told “the fascinating narrative of one of China’s most influential rulers and a great champion of the arts”, and it was the first time some of the treasures had left China’s Palace Museum. It also underlined the great relationship between the countries opening the China experience to many for the first time.

Chin Communications greatly aided the communications for this Chinese event whether with interpreters for the opening event or in its marketing.

Likewise when Catherine the Great was on her ‘Tour Downunder’, Chin was able to tell the story in Chinese, conveying this far flung story to a wider audience, and creating a benchmark for Australia’s cultural institutions to translate their stories too.

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