One of Australia’s most successful joint ventures

Since ChemChina acquired Qenos in 2006, Qenos has transformed into not only a pioneering Australian manufacturer of polyethylene, but also an exporter of services and innovation to China to improve the safety and efficiency of China’s hazardous process industries. It is one of Australia’s most successful joint ventures.

Delivering meaningful training of Chinese engineering, safety and technical personnel in Australia, conducting training and consulting in China of a specialised and technical nature and enhancing the relationship has involved Chin Communications.

Chin was engaged to make the training meaningful – to ‘talk’ to the Chinese delegates in written presentations and speech. In China and Australia, Chin’s handpicked interpreters were an integral part of the team, supported by our technical translations of powerpoints and other training materials in Chinese. Pre-training briefings of all presenters and cross-cultural advice as well as development of a glossary helped make the programs so successful.

As a result, the Qenos Team has a new offering consultancy services to the broader China market with its catalogue of materials and expertise delivering smarter products, services and support to benefit its partners and the lives of millions of Chinese.