Royal District Nursing Service

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One of China’s key national development strategies: health and aged care

RDNS provides 24-hour home nursing and homecare services to Australians. In 2010 as part of Victoria’s Super Mission to China, the CEO and Chairman visited China as the first step to reaching out to this growing market. Health and aged care rank as one of China’s key national development strategies.

Strengthening ties with China demanded language and cultural agility. China is in need of home nursing and home care support, specialised education and training programs, aged care research and ICT support – a key to developing the right relationships was through language and cultural support.

A carefully crafted business card and a good Chinese organisation name signalled to Chinese parties the sincerity of RDNS. A key to identifying appropriate partners and understanding the market also meant research, negotiations, back and forth visits, all facilitated with Chinese language translation, interpreting and cross-cultural training.

The executive team was incredibly receptive and aware of the need for cultural understanding which Chin delivered; ongoing support has helped RDNS secure contracts and partnerships in China. Delivering everything in Chinese Translation and being aware of the culture and language imperatives have set RDNS up for ongoing success in China.

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