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Branding an Australian icon – how to convey heritage and fame in a Chinese Brand Name

A household name in packaged fruit we’ve all grown up eating. Victoria’s Goulburn Valley – the place and the brand – renowned for the finest orchards and best fruit – clean and green of course!

In introducing fruit products to the Chinese market, one of the first considerations was a catchy Chinese brand name – one that conveyed all of the benefits but was easy to remember!

The team at SPC turned to Chin for a series of Chinese brand names. The first one was “Goulburn Valley” with healthy, premium fruit, but also innovation in packaging and convenience.

Following a thorough briefing with our client and continuing discussions, the Chin branding team spent time researching and brainstorming, coming up with names that met the marketing objectives and finally arriving at 5 good options that would appeal to the target Chinese consumer.

It was considered important to convey something of the Australian heritage in the name, also the premium quality, goodness and family satisfaction. The names were checked on the Chinese trademark database and found to be available for registration.

The Chin marketing and branding team was thrilled to see the brand launched at an event in Shanghai in 2019.    “Australian” is synonymous with clean, safe and nutritious in the context of imported foods.  We were were able to find 果源 (fruit source) and 果园(orchard) which are homophones both pronounced “guo yuan” and this was a clever and  winning combination in the final choice -澳果源.  Well done Team Chin!

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