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Building strong and enduring links with the People’s Republic of China

Across many departments and interest areas, and over many different governments, Victoria has been building strong and enduring links with the People’s Republic of China.

The Jiangsu-Victoria Sister State Relationship will celebrate 40 years in 2019. From the government’s hard work in developing the connections, all Victorians have benefited in fields from education to science, the arts and sport to infrastructure, biotech to agriculture. In skilled migration, Victoria leads the way too in attracting the most candidates to call Victoria home.

Our focus here, however, is the Boao Forum which Victoria won the right to host in December 2016 in Melbourne. As the pre-eminent international forum in the Asia Pacific (the equivalent of Davos in Europe), this was a major coup for Melbourne and a sell-out of 400 participants joined the Forum and Gala Dinner.

With the list of presenters a ‘who’s who’ in China expertise, a large audience from China and around the world, language, of course was key. Chin rallied its troops to deliver the many items required in written translation from program and name cards to bios and signage. As rapidly as changes were wielded, Chin was up to the task.

The real prize however went to our super interpreting team of Charles Qin and John Zhou who worked on the day from 8 am to 9 pm delivering melodic, unscripted Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreting so that everyone was informed, discussion panels were able to function and the audience was breathless in its praise!

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