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Chin helps VRC strategically promote 'the race that stops a nation' to Chinese

Fashions on the Field in China – you bet and a huge success it was! The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is now on the list for both local and overseas Chinese as an iconic and glamorous event with high status – something to be experienced. However attracting interest in horse racing and betting – not available in China – has required careful planning.

How to communicate a message in China where gambling is outlawed has proved tricky but the VRC has strategically promoted the event – the fun and fashions and experience. With marketing collateral developed in Chinese by Chin Communications, visitors have been able to understand what ‘the race that stops a nation’ and the broader carnival mean in Australia and joined in increasing numbers. Chin has helped with videos, maps, menus and broader information, even explanations around gambling to help their China visitors.

The VRC has led the way through marketing and now interest in the equine industry is growing with Chinese investors as well; we’ve worked with horse studs, real estate agents and veterinarians, plus horse transport businesses which are all seeing more sales to Chinese. How long till we see a Chinese horse win the Cup!

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